Types of horse betting And Your Choices

Like any sport with a thousand-year tradition, the number of possibilities on which players can indulge themselves is decidedly high. At the beginning it is better to concentrate simply on the winning horse, but as your palate is refined, you will discover the taste of exploring different options and combinations. So let’s see which and how many types of bets on horses there are, so as to orient ourselves in betting on this fascinating timeless sport. The use of the best horse racing tipsters comes perfect there.

What are the main types of horse betting?

  • Winning
  • Place
  • coupled
  • Antepost

Sometimes they are related to the region, but in general there is some recurring in all countries.

Let’s start with the “Vincente”, that is the bet on the horse that is assumed to be the winner.

From the “Vincente” we move on to the “Piazzato”, that is, on the prediction regarding the horses that will reach the first places in the competition. The payment in this sense is variable, based on the number of horses in the race.

The “Coupled” is a combination of “Winner” and “Placed” (“in order”, that is, in the case of departures of less than 6, “in disorder or in turn”, or without considering the order of arrival, or “with first placed”, i.e. choosing the horse in the first or second place of the podium).

The “Antepost” is a type of bet that requires a long-term forecast on races considered important, or not daily (in this case there are no refunds relating to the failure to race the chosen horse, for any reason.

Multiple horse racing bets

The next step is surely multiple Horse betting, as well as many other sports, also offer the possibility of making multiple bets to the most expert and expert connoisseurs. Here are the main types of multiple bets.

Trio / Tris: The “Trio / Tris” consists in the prediction of three horses that will be placed in the first three places of the podium. This type of bet can be played only on at least 6 horses at the start, and can have the types “In order”, “In disorder or to turn”, “With a placed” in the first second or third place, “With 2 placed” in the first second or third place and choice of missing place, “With winner”, “With two winners”.

Quartè: This type of bet is played only on important national horse races, and the player must choose the 4 horses that will win the first 4 places (“In order”, “In disorder or to turn”, “With a placed”, ” With two placed “,” With three placed “,” With one winner, “With two winners”, “With three winners”, following the type of bets possible in the set.

Quintè: Quintè is also possible on structured and important national competitions. Here are the possible options in this type of horse race bet: “In order”, “In disorder or turning”, “With one placed”, “With two placed”, “With three placed”, “With four placed”, “With one winning, “With two winners”, “With three winners”, “With four winners”, following the type of bets possible in the Tris and Quartè.)

What we recommend, in choosing the horse race bet and the odds, is to balance the information collected on the horse and its history, with intuition, balancing reasonableness and momentum, without exaggerating or “aiming” too high.