Tips on How to Play Blackjack in Online Casinos

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in online casinos. The growth of online casinos is a great contributor to the increase in Blackjack players over the years. There are two versions of the game, the online gaming session, and the live dealer version. The live one is fascinating because it gives players the ultimate experience of interaction, mimicking the one in land-based casinos. Various rules must be adhered by all who play blackjack. For those who want to play and have no clue on how to go about it, this articles will shed light on the rules of live blackjack.

The objective is to ensure you have a total card value of close to 21. The ideal hand is 21. If you draw a total amount of less than 21 the first two deals, then you get a chance to compare with the dealer’s hand. If the value exceeds 21, then it is considered a ‘bust,’ which is an automatic loss.

  1. Card values

The first thing you need to familiarize yourself with is the values of the different cards. The numbered cards take their face value then the aces are either one or 11, depending on how the deals occur. If you get an ace and a 2, then the ace is automatically 11. The face cards, Jack, Queen, and King’s value is 10. The rules of live blackjack are that you compete against the dealer, not other players. When you receive an ace and a ten when dealt the first two times, then it assumes a value of one.

  1. Hard and soft hands

Any ace whose value is considered a one or equal to 21 is a soft hand. It cannot exceed 21. A hard hand is limited to one possible outcome. The higher value of the ace makes it go over 21, meaning it is a ‘bust.’

  1. In-Play options

Once the dealer draws the cards, the players have a variety of playing options. Understanding how the work is the key to winning in blackjack.

  • Hit – It involves you requesting the dealer for another card to increase your hand’s value. Just be careful not to bust it.
  • Stand – It means refusing another card and sticking to what you have. If you have a ten and an ace, this is the best option.
  • Split – To split, you must have a pair of cards of equal value to create two separate hands to stand a chance of doubling your winnings. The catch is that you must match the first side with the new hand. It is very high risk, but the rewards are also great.
  • Double down – It is where you agree to double the initial bet you made to get a chance of exchanging one more card. Once you do this, you won’t be able to hit again. Some live casinos have restrictions on the hand you can double down on; therefore, check the rules beforehand.
  • Insurance – A player can only take an insurance bet if they draw an ace in the first round, betting that the next card is a 10.

The rules of live blackjack are pretty straightforward, and once you understand them, it makes it easier for you to have fun and win while at it.