The bets with The Sports Betting As per You Need

A result bet is a game in which the correct result of one match is bet on during the actual playing time. If a bet is placed on more than one match at the same time, it is a multi-bet. For Sports betting, the result bet came into the game selection a year after the Long Bet in 1994.

You can find the best odds for the result bet online. It is is one of the most popular venues among people.

Earnings bet online

There are big differences between w88th Sports betting ‘and foreign gaming companies’ profit bet offerings – in favor of foreign gaming companies.

  • Online betting sites offer fixed odds, so you always know your final odds when you bet.
  • Secondly, for example, you get odds significantly higher than Sports betting from Unibet
  • in addition, more items are available
  • you get bonuses for your deposits
  • higher bet limits

Internet betting agencies are reliable, offer fast online banking transfers, customer service in Finnish, better odds, a larger target range and live broadcasts of matches. So why would you play with Sports betting?

Earning bets when played online is easy and offers the added excitement of watching your favorite matches.

There are a lot of sets on offer and you can also bet on them live during matches. Live betting currently offers the most chance of winning of all forms of betting and this is only possible online.


Results bets can also be found played on mobile devices. On a phone, the screen can go a little small, but for fun gaming, the tablet is already starting to be a very handy device.

From time to time, special bonuses and offers are available for mobile breeders. These are definitely worth watching and taking advantage of.

Conversion bet bonuses

Earnings bet bonuses mean welcome and deposit bonuses. Betting bonuses are offered by foreign betting companies to their new customers.

Welcome bonuses are usually deposit bonuses or free bets as well as risk free bets. With a risk-free bet, you bet on a certain result and if the bet does not win, you get your bet back.

The conversion bet bonus is often given to you extra when you make a deposit. For example, you make a deposit and get twice as much play money in your game account.

Among other things, NordicBet offers just such a bonus for winning bets and doubles your deposit up to € 100.

Conversion odds

How are the odds on the result bet determined? Fixed coefficients are determined by the analysis of coefficient calculators.

Variable odds are calculated by the formula: return% game change / result bet amount. For example, when the return percentage is 85%, the game turnover is € 310,000 and the stake for 1-1 is € 52,000, the odds are 0.85X310000/52000 = 5.06.