Some common mistakes people make in Indian rummy download

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Even though rummy is one of the easiest card games to learn and play, people stills make mistakes while playing 13 Cards Rummy. And if you are new to this game you are more likely to make these mistakes. It’s ok to make mistakes if you are willing to learn. Now before you Indian rummy download, it is important to learn about the game. Learning about the game would mean not only knowing how to play the game, the tips, and tricks to use for winning, or how to earn money but also to learn about the mistakes that are possible in the game so that you can avoid them while playing Indian rummy online.

To be a good player in Indian rummy online game it is important to be patient and practice. But also, avoiding mistakes is one of the keys to your success in the game.

Mistakes you can make while playing rummy online

  • Your opponent’s moves

It is crucial in the game of rummy to observe your opponents move at all times.  Your chances of winning lay 50% in guessing your opponent’s next move. You can do this by keeping track of cards that your opponents pick or discard.

  • High-value cards

Another key point in mistakes you can make is failing to discard a high-value card. It is important that you understand how this game works, i.e., the player with the least points wins. If you keep your high-value cards you might just end up having higher points which lessen the chance of you winning.

  • Arranging your cards

You cannot skip this part. Arranging your cards at the beginning of the game gives you a better idea of what to pick and what to discard. If you are new to this game, it is even more important to arrange your cards in the beginning so that you don’t end up picking a wrong card by mistake.

  • Too many jokers

As a new player, your priority should be towards making a life. If you get distracted and start collecting jokers by thinking that it might help you win, then you are wrong. You should make your set or sequence first before stocking up on jokers.

  • Wild Card joker

The wild card joker is chosen out of any random card, and if the printed joker turns out to be the wild card, all aces are used as wild cards. New players after Indian rummy download usually fail to understand the value of a wild card and hence their chances of winning get lesser.

  • Decision making

As a new player to this game of rummy, you should practice your skills in the practice table. This will help you improve your speed and decision-making skills towards picking and discarding cards.

  • Bad hand

A hand is the set of cards that you get after the first distribution of cards. It is normal to sometimes get a bad hand. In these situations, you should always know to give up if you get a bad hand. The penalty you pay is minimum if you quit in the beginning, and it is wiser to do so than losing.


There are a lot of mistakes you can make after your initial Indian rummy download. Know about the mistakes to try and avoid them in your game.  Download the game and start practicing to avoid such errors from happening.