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Topics guide to play Lieng at will help you learn about this genre the best. Rules, terminology, and ways of calculating Lieng points are all in this article. The newcomers that come into contact with Lieng for the first time can find out details right below our article.

Lieng card game rules

Lieng is like the intellectual game of Poker in the West. With a minimum of 2 people, you can open the Lieng casino. Maximum of 6 players per table. Each player will be dealt 3 cards. When you receive it, watch it carefully just to let you know. Because of this secrecy, the opponents won’t be able to guess the others’ cards.

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After receiving the cards, place bets. During the betting process you can bet, raise, follow and fold. We will have 3 rounds of betting in total. After the betting rounds are over, the cards are open. The player with the highest score or with the highest cards wins the bet. Of course the entire bet amount will belong to the winner.

Bet cases

As we said above. When playing Lieng you will have 4 options. Raise, follow, fold and the highest is all hand, also known as all-round.

  • Raise: is a form of betting on the amount of money that is higher than the number of players under your hand.
  • Follow: is to choose the correct amount of player under hand to continue the next betting round.
  • Set cards: This is the zero-fold method following the betting round. All early bets of the game until the next rounds before you fold your hand will stay there and go to the final winner.
  • All-in or full-hand betting is the highest form of betting. When the player sees his highest score, he will proceed all the way to expect to receive the highest amount.

Point terms in Lieng

The Lieng tutorial will start next with the terms in the Lieng lesson: Sap, Lieng, Anh…

Sap is a term for the same 3 cards. For example, 3 cards 2, 3 cards 4, 3 cards 4, 3 cards 5… up to 3 cards A. In the specified order, Sap 2 is the smallest and Sap A is the largest. If the 2 Lieng all have Sap, we proceed to compare the low altitude of the Saps.

2, 3, 4 or J, Q, K Club… This is called Lieng. For every 3 related cards of the same suit, it is called Lieng. Q, K, A is the highest Lieng of this genre. Just like that, the players will compare with each other to choose the winner if both of them have the Lieng.

J, Q, K are called images. There is no need in any order. As long as you have these 3 cards in hand, you will be higher than 9 points. When both players have pictures, we will compare the cards to draw high and low. If the cards are even, use the cards to make the split high. From high to low will be Heart – Diamond – Club – Spade.

How to calculate points when playing Lieng

Instructions for playing Lieng cards must include scoring Lieng cards. In addition to Sap, sacred, or photograph, the other cards will be counted as follows:

  • The cards 2 to 10 are just as many points as the cards themselves
  • Card A is more special. Lieutenant players can be counted as 1, 10 or 11
  • J, Q, K if the whole set will count as Sap or Image. But if each l alone counts as 10. If you have J, K and 9 then it will be 9 points. But if it is J, Q, and 10 it will be 0. In short, if you have 2/3 of your card J, Q, K and card 10, it will be 0 point. Also combined with 2 to 9, the points are calculated according to these cards


Our Lieng game guide was extremely careful, as detailed as possible. With these instructions, it is hoped that new Liengs will get to the Lieng lesson as quickly as possible. Once you have mastered these categories, we will go on to provide you with the Lieng play experience.

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