5 tips on how to increase your chances of winning in Baccarat

Many casino players, both offline and online love to play the Baccarat casino game and the game is gaining immense admiration amongst the casino lovers. You might also have seen the game in James Bond Movies. 

Baccarat Online Malaysia provides the same exhilarating gameplay as the land-based casinos. Moreover, you can play the game online anywhere anytime. The challenging and exciting game of chances that can give a real test to your determination and nerves.  Here are some of the important tips for you to play the game and increase your chances of winning:

  • Avoid making a Tie Bet

The game offers very low house edges on Banker and player bets but high edges on the Tie Bet. The house edge of Banker is around 1.06% and for the player is 1.24% only, whereas, for Tie bet, the percentage is as high as 14.4%. This means that one can lose 14.4 units for every 100 units the players wager. Hence, the be offers minimum benefits and should be avoided always.

  • The best bet is Banker

When playing Baccarat for the first time, one should consider betting on banker bet as it offers the lowest house edges. Banker bet has over 50% more chances of winning the bet. 

  • Bet on Banker until you lose

Banker bet has a marginally better chance of streak than other bets. If the Banker bet is on a streak from your first bet, you should keep betting on it. However, if the streak has occurred, there is no surety that it will continue to occur. There is still a chance of a house edge on every bet and there is no chance that you can bet your way out of the house edge.

  • Wait for  decision after you lost a banker bet

If you lose on your banker bet, wait for some time before you place your next bet. Wait for some time for the next decision. Place your next bet depending on the decision. If the decision is a tie, I mean that neither the banker lost nor the player.

  • A tie bet does not count

In Baccarat, tie bets are considered invisible and these bets do not count. These bets are regarded as a pause in the action. If there are 3 bankers and then a tie, you can consider it as if it didn’t occur and you can consider betting on the banker for a streak. 

Next time when you play Baccarat in the casino, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and increase your chances of winning big at the casinos.