Blackjack Winning: Its Not Rare for You

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where it will be possible for the player to reduce and even gain the advantage over the “house”, a term used to designate the casino. This is doable because it is a card game where the latter will not be shuffled before reaching the end of the 6 games that make up a game of Blackjack in Europe. This is therefore an opportunity not to be missed. 

How do you get there?

It’s very simple, you will have to use playing situs judi qq strategies that will allow you to anticipate at first the moves to play and when to make big bets. The strategies are the basic one that we describe to you first and then we will move on to the card counting strategy. The two allies together will be an indisputable asset to gain gains.

The basic strategy

All Blackjack players know her. It’s like if you want to be an accountant, you have to know your multiplication tables by heart. Well the basic strategy is comparable to that for blackjack players.

This technique will allow you to be able to predict the action you will have to take depending on the cards you have and the dealer’s visible card. This technique has already proven itself and only requires memory to retain the following table:


R: Stay T: Shoot D : Double P : Share Ab : Give up if possible, otherwise shoot

When you know these game options, you just have to follow logic to hope to beat the dealer. Usually the reports are very interesting for the player.

Card counting strategy

Card counting is a technique that is used by the greatest blackjack players, especially members of the MIT team, the famous team that generated millions of dollars for years in casinos. It consists in knowing approximately the cards or group of cards which remain in the shoe. As a result, you know whether the shoe is to your advantage or not and you can therefore adjust your bets.

The method is simple, you give each group of cards a value. Each time you see the cards pass, in your hand, in that of other players and in that of the dealer.

The value of the cards is as follows:

  • For cards 2 to 6, you score +1 point
  • For cards from 10 to King and aces, you count -1
  • For 7, 8 and 9, you count 0
  • For your information, if you do the count with a deck of 52 cards, you will find a result equal to 0.

Then to get a more accurate result, you divide the number you find by the number of decks left to deal. This result is called the “True Account”.  If you have a result of +9 and there are 3 decks of cards left in the shoe, then the true count is 3.


The more important the result (positive), the more the game will turn to the advantage of the player. It will simply mean that there are more big cards left in the shoe. This technique is really useful allied to the basic strategy but it requires some training. We must not neglect this phase of practice so that it becomes a mastered reflex.