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Bookmakers, when setting odds, rely on archived quotes and then adjust them following the current state of affairs. If within the same championship the clubs meet permanently, then in the cup matches, the situation is different, especially when it comes to international tournaments. Here, the analytical department can only rely on the current form of the teams and the strength of the championships.

Obviously, due to the lack of information about the history of meetings, bookmakers make mistakes in setting quotes. As a result, the situation on the field may be radically different from the anticipated one before the start of the match. It is worth paying attention to the coefficients in such fights since among them. You can find “value” (undervalued) quotes.

Basketball Betting Strategies

Basketball betting strategies are of interest to fans of this discipline. And there are a lot of them all over the world. In North America, for example, basketball is much more popular than football. Most of the tactics are based on observing the NBA tournament, as it is the most famous competition in the world. However, some strategies are suitable for other leagues as well. Below we look at five top basketball strategies. Practical options for betting are now available in Seputargol also.

Quarter Catch

The financial model of the Betting site can be applied in any discipline. However, for basketball, it is most relevant. If football bets are made on events independent of each other, which does not guarantee the successful completion of the series, then the catch-up is applied for one match. The presence of as many as four quarters allows you to distribute the bank to each of them.

The tactic is based on the assumption that one team, even the favourite, does not win all quarters. For this reason, you need to bet on a weaker team, doubling the amount of the bet if you fail for the next segment of 12 minutes (10 minutes in some leagues). As a result, the winning will cover the previous losses and will also bring profit. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that one team is quite capable of winning all quarters. For this reason, it is best to select matches where the class difference is not too significant.


Another model applied in other disciplines. Like the Betting site, it is ideal to use it in basketball. Due to a large number of possible points in matches, different bookmakers put out different lines from each other. Thus, if one bookmaker gives a handicap to the favourite of -3.5 for a coefficient of 2.0, and the other offers to play +5.5 for the exact quotes, then the situation turns out to be highly profitable. In any case, the client will remain on his own, but if the favourite wins with a difference of 4 or 5 points, then the bets will fall into the so-called “corridor”, where both bets are victorious.


To apply this tactic, you will need to have an account with several bookmakers. In addition, you need to follow the line since companies are constantly changing quotes to block the “corridors” and “forks”. It is best to use special services to search for such events. It is also worth noting that some companies may equate such actions with arbitrage, giving them the right to block the client’s account.