Betting Fever and Celebrities

In recent years, gambling fever has grown dramatically. Famous actors and actresses often portray players in movies, but some of them are not deprived of real-life excitement. The lives of famous people are public, so addictions and hobbies become instantly known to the general public. The passion for gambling is inherent in many celebrities: they are frequent visitors to the casino’s VIP lounges and even underground establishments where the game is played at fabulous prices, though online casinos like are becoming more popular.

Celebrities, like everyday people, prefer to relax and unwind in bookmakers where it is possible to have fun and relax. If you wish, you can learn all the rules and earn a large amount of money. Celebrities are drawn here not for the chance to win big money, but for the desire to learn to play funny games and feel the thrill and risk of the game. Keep reading this article to learn more about celebrities and their betting habits!

  1. Ben Affleck

To begin our article, let’s reveal the habits of this great American actor. Well, it was said that a talented actor is talented in everything. Gambling is no exception. In 2001, all the media published sensational news that Ben won $800,000 in blackjack while rewarding the dealer with a recorded tip of $150,000.

Three years later, the actor participated in a poker tournament and won $356,000, and a year later – another $25,000. He is also suspected to be part of those underground tournaments in which to enter, passwords are required.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Who has never heard of the great Jennifer Lopez, who besides being a singer is also a brilliant artist? The Puerto Rican-born actress and singer has never hidden her passion for roulette. She has been seen several times in casinos around the world (mainly in the US) enjoying her hours of relaxation and leisure.

You wouldn’t have imagined that, but Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, steals the scene as she is estimated to have won nearly two million dollars at an Atlantic City casino playing slot machines! Awesome, right?

  1. Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro needs no introduction. This American actor (from an Italian family) has played several characters involved in illegal, legal and casino games (some even violent). Who doesn’t remember his role in Martin Scorsese’s “Casino” movie, where he plays a gambler and, by the way, he was very good.

Robert has investments in a casino in a heavenly place (Antigua and Barbuda) with another partner; Believe me, the investment is worth over $250 million! But he has also invested in other casino-related businesses, including several luxury hotels with thousands of gambling tables and slots.