An Effective Magic Trick Used To Win Poker

If you hear about marking cards, yes, it is true. It is an art, but, it requires practice. A lot of people use it as a magic trick, a way to manipulate the opponents. There a lot of ways to mark cards. But, the best way that beats them all is to use the luminous invisible ink marked cards. There are bad ways of marking cards, these are noticeable and can get you caught. Some use different symbols on the cards’ back, wearing down cards, bending corners, and players use a hidden camera. What beats the poker system of the past and the most reliable way of marking cards? It is the luminous ink.

Alt: luminous ink marked poker cards

The luminous ink

The luminous invisible ink is a kind of ink used on playing cards at the back part. It is an ink that is invisible to the naked eye. You can see the markings using the filter lens. It is why most magicians are taking advantage of this kind of card trick. The precious ink is a new device that helps burn the markings on the cards.

How to use the ink?

The ink is used to mark the cards in their simplest way. Using the luminous ink kit, you will have all the tools needed for the poker trick. You have the ink, filter, directories, and a fine tip paintbrush. Next is to put the markings on the playing card, whether it is a symbol, a number, or a letter. After doing so, wait for a few seconds to wipe off the card with a damp paper cloth or towel. The longer you are waiting is the darker it settles on the card. The luminous ink can become so dark, which can become noticeable or visible on the naked eyes. You can find the perfect amount according to the visibility of the mark. You can make a practice on the card like trying the six, five, or four seconds first until you get the right blend.

Make a practice

Yes, anyone can make a practice. Try different amounts to mark on the card. It is free to practice. With that, it keeps you safe when using the device soon. After practicing, take your favorite blend. Now, proceed to the marking of cards.

Marking the cards

Now, here is the challenge, to mark the cards. It is essential to find the perfect blend of the amount of luminous invisible ink to use for the markings. You can create a deck of marked cards using the right blend of ink. The best method is taught here using this easy poker cheating device. Marking the cards sounded difficult, but it is easy as what you misunderstood. Marking the cards can be for fun or magic card tricks. But, what makes the luminous visible ink an excellent device? It is being the secret weapon of winning the poker match.

The luminous invisible ink marked cards are flawless and give a job well done. Create a perfect marked card using this trending poker tool nowadays, especially for those who are not aware of it.