Truest Options for the Perfect Poker Deals

We all want to be able to become better poker players; the problem is we often don’t really know where to start. And we ask ourselves: how to play poker?

Learned by heart mathematical formulas so complex that we could make forecasts of the weather by reading the coffee grounds but we still can’t finish a poker game without the bitter taste of having always made that mistake there. What every time makes us feel halfway between sad and a little stupid.

If you want to start to understand how to play poker and to try to fight this damned feeling of powerlessness in front of our almost victories, today we try to see together 10 valuable tips to start winning. For the poker online perfect details this is the best deal.

Read on to the end and be prepared for the surprise of not being surprised by the points listed because, after all, it is just a matter of applying common sense even to poker tournaments. That is the common sense that we throw away as soon as the dealer gives us a damn option.

Don’t play all hands but learn the art of folding

This is probably the most common mistake of inexperienced players or those who do not even have the slightest idea of ​​how to play poker. Who knows how many times you have heard (or perhaps thought yourself) “I came to play poker, so I want to play” from someone who complained about the overly cautious behavior of other players.

The problem is that the result of the desire for action at any cost of these Indiana Jones of poker is almost always directly proportional to the amount of hands played according to the very simple equivalence: more games, more you lose.

Our advice? If you stay in half or more of the total hands played, try to be at least sure you know the “5 Hands at Risk for Beginners ” by heart or resign yourself to post-tournaments full of regrets and sarcasm.

Don’t drink too much

It is undeniable: whether you are in a casino, in a club or at home with friends, a good glass next to the chips is perfect. In order to understand how to play poker, you must also learn to drink something. Obviously it is not a problem to be abstemious, even a nice glass of soft drink or an energy drink can look good next to a deck of cards.

In fact, a small glass is perfect is also that moment when, a little to cut the tension (yours) and increase the suspense (of the opponents), you take a few seconds of pause to bring to the mouth your cocktail or your beer, nothing to say about it.

The problem, however, comes when the glasses begin to multiply, the mind relaxes and the chips begin to go away at an absolutely absurd speed. And then as the alcohol rises you forget how to play poker and even that you are sitting at a gaming table.