Top 5 Trends That Will Change The Online Sports Betting Industry By 2022

With legalized online sports betting moving forward in record-breaking fashion, the entire industry is headed for some massive changes over the next eight years.

As laws change and technology advances, new possibilities will emerge that nobody ever expected. In fact, there are already some trends forming that could become mainstream before 2022 rolls around.

Virtual Reality (VR)


Virtual reality has been around for decades, but recent developments have made it more accessible than ever before. What makes this trend so interesting is that it gives rise to a whole new range of betting options.

For example, you can use VR headsets to watch live sports events in an experience that spans 360 degrees. This allows viewers to see the surroundings of the stadium and also what is going on behind them. Sites are even creating simulations where you can bet on specific outcomes. For example, you could place a bet on the next shot in tennis or whether your competitor will make it to the finish line first.

The future of VR is still uncertain, but if it does take off, then sports betting sites will definitely adapt their services to include this technology.

eSports Overtaking Traditional Sports In Popularity

You may not think of games like League Of Legends when you consider online sports betting, but that’s definitely going to change in the next few years.

Right now, eSports are still relatively niche. However, they are catching up fast. By 2022, it wouldn’t be surprising if half of all sports bettors have at least tried placing a wager on an eSports competition.

By 2020, it’s also possible that you could start seeing advertisements for eSports on TV and many sports betting singapore-based sites, for example. This is another big development that will help to legitimize the market as a whole.

Mainstream Adoption Of Cryptocurrency

Most people probably don’t know this, but traditional currency isn’t the only way to place bets online. In fact, there are more options than ever before, with sports betting websites accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

The benefits of using this kind of currency are myriad. For one, it’s completely anonymous and decentralized, which makes it even harder for governments to regulate than fiat money. On top of that, transaction times are much faster, and fees are next to nothing.

Long story short: More cryptocurrency could be the way to go in 2022.

More Live Betting Options Than Ever Before

Speaking of transaction times, the future could very well include real-time sports betting. In case you didn’t know, this is already a thing. Both bookmakers from, say, sports betting singapore-based sites and players have embraced the technology, making it a major part of the industry as a whole.

However, it’s not about to stop there. Due to the rise of both mobile devices and streaming services, live betting is only becoming more popular with each passing day. By 2022, players might be able to even place bets inside sports bars or at major events like the Super Bowl or World Cup Final!

Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues Replacing Traditional Betting

This is a huge development that could forever change the way people gamble online. We’re talking about daily fantasy sports leagues, which are exactly what they sound like: contests where players pick their favourite athletes and then compete for real cash prizes.

It sounds crazy, but it’s already catching on in a major way. A decade ago, you probably wouldn’t have found more than a handful of daily fantasy sports leagues on the entire internet. Nowadays, there are entire sites dedicated to hosting them on an ongoing basis!

For this reason, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that traditional betting operations are incorporating small-scale versions into their overall product lineups.

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