The Right Poker Hands: Weak or Strong?

Weak poker hands are often to be banned from your game, especially if you are a beginner. However, they can sometimes be worth playing to widen your range of hands and backhanded opponents who thought they were reading you like an open book.

We consider here as weak hand, all the hands not including connectors or head, hands of the type 7or4 or 10 or 6.

The Ventures

Before you venture into a move with a weak hand, you will need to carefully study your position. The closer you are to the last word, the easier the action will be. The best position is undoubtedly the big blind where you can check with a weak hand if the shot has not been raised. As for paying the blind amount or a possible raise, you can do that, but as long as it doesn’t cost you too much and there aren’t many players behind you to talk. Indeed, if you can afford to call a small raise with a weak hand, you won’t be able to call a re-raise.

Hitting the Flop

If you hit the situs dominoqq flop, it’s the jackpot. Indeed, there is no chance that your opponents will see you on such weak cards and you can therefore make your hand profitable either with a check raise or by betting first. If a semblance of a straight draw emerges, it may be worth the cost of calling a raise, but only if the raise doesn’t cause you to put too many chips into the move. Conversely, if the flop is crowned, flee on the first bet.

  • You still have the strategy of total bluffing left, but in order to set up such a move you will need to have perfect knowledge of your opponents and not be afraid to commit chips in every betting round.
  • In particular, there are hands which may seem exploitable, but which are often unusable on the flop.

The hands to avoid in Omaha poker are those that do not have the potential to hit a possible draw. Indeed, Omaha is essentially a drawing game so it will be necessary to forget hands a little “fan”. Even if you have an Ace or King or 7or4 type starting hand, avoid thinking like Hold’em and tell yourself that even if you hit your Ace on the flop, there is a good chance you will be dominated. Starting hands with small pairs, between 2 and 7, are also unattractive to play.

The Right Course

You can of course hit a set, but unless you have a square, you will often be beaten by an opposing straight or flush and even if your hand has suited connectors, if the connectors are too small, the rewards are rarely worth the effort. Thus, if you have a 3or4or8or9 hand with two spades and two hearts, there is little chance that you will have the winning hand at the end of the stroke. Indeed, a double pair will often be far too weak. Ditto for a straight or a flush which will in most cases be dominated by a straight over yours.


In the end, you should therefore be wary of several types of starting hands in Omaha so as not to find yourself entangled in a move that you have very little chance of winning. Forget your Hold’em reflexes and think especially in terms of the draw when approaching a game of Omaha poker.