The Right Data for The perfect Sports Betting

Curious data allows you to get and analysis of data on the start time of matches. If out of the 380 matches played during the same Premier League 2018/19 season, we select the percentage of matches that have been successful for both teams and distribute these matches according to their start time, we get the picture shown:

The Right Choices

So, only 45.83% of the matches that started in the standard time for the Premier League (15:00 on Saturday) were successful for both teams. This indicator is significantly lower than the general league indicator51.32%. Matches that started before or after the indicated moment contributed to the increase in the total league indicator: both teams managed to score at least one goal in 55.22% of the 67 meetings that started before 15:00, and 55.86% of the 145 matches that started after 3 p.m.

At the same time, the greatest number of meetings that turned out to be productive for both teams took place in the evening: such matches began at 19:30 and later. Teams scored at least one goal in 56.96% of the 79 evening matches, which is more than 10% higher than the same indicator for matches that started at 15:00. This shows that the data on the start time of matches should also be taken into account when placing bets on the market “both will score”. In you can find the best options.

Excessive optimism when placing bets on the market “both will score”

As we have repeatedly noted in our materials, when placing bets on any market, a better should not allow cognitive distortions to affect their own judgments and estimates of the outcome of sports events. This is especially true of betting in markets where one random rebound or one decision by the referee can result in a goal being scored, and the “both will score” market in football is undoubtedly one of those.

Excessive optimism among players when placing bets on “both will scoreyes” is often observed in fights in which teams leading the struggle for survival take part. By definition, such teams are the weakest in the league, and a priori it is expected that they will score not so many goals, which reduces the likelihood that matches with their participation will become profitable for players who risk placing such a bet.

Last Words

However, recent events have shown that there are exceptions to the rule. Before the pause of the 2019/20 season, Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich City were among the three weakest submarine teams. And if out of the total number of Norwich City matches only 48.28% of the meetings were successful for both teams, then for Bournemouth and Aston Villas this indicator exceeded the average in the league55.17% and 64.29% respectively matches were productive for both rivals. Therefore, the assessment of such judgments must be approached carefully.