The Perfect Choice for the Slot Games

Arcades are fast-growing businesses, attracting more and more people who are saddened by the excitement and sudden wealth. How’s this business going? And how can success be achieved here? Visit for all answers.

Always pay for the prize because impeccable reputation is the basis of gambling

Honesty is first and foremost in this business. If you do not pay the winnings at least once, you can go to businesses. “Radio” immediately spread the rumor that they were “crazy” and would not wash any advertising. The payout of the winnings, that is, the return on the money invested by the players, is programmable by 88-90% from the gaming device manufacturers.

Invest money in development, even at the expense of current profits

The gaming business has the strongest competition and very strict rules. Recently, taxes have increased exponentially, profitability has fallen to 15%. At the same time, large investments are needed both at the beginning of the development and in the process. Opening an arcade costs $ 350-400,000.

$ 15,000, and there should be at least 15 in the hall

Because of all these features, you must first plan to create a large network in one or two halls so that it will not survive in any way.

In addition, the cost of maintaining the gaming system accounts for a large part of the cost of “over-spending”. Clients were getting worse and worse. If former visitors were treated to tea, coffee or beer, they now prefer cognac or wine and it’s free. The main clients of the gaming halls are middle class and slightly above average.

Invest in your own brand to increase your awareness

Today, the perception of the gaming industry is changing for the better. People are starting to trust. And the better your brand is known, the more you create regular customers. Therefore, many gaming companies do not save money on promoting their own brand.

Advertise your unique offers

When it comes to gaining a certain brand reputation, you need to consider the advantageous differences between your competitors. First of all, such attractive differences can be bonus systems and bonuses.

The “jackpot” system is the progressive accumulation of the prize pool: every player launched on the ruble has deductions on the prize pool. More players and money – more prizes. The winnings are different from the available 6-8 thousand rubles, which are won dozens of times a day for the main jackpot, amounting to 23 million rubles. In addition to the flexible prize system, there are bonus schemes when a card is issued to a customer for which bonus points are awarded. 

Choose the location of the arcades carefully

There are three components to the success of a business: a place, a place, and a very good place. In the early stages of a business, when the brand is not yet advertised, it is especially important to be prominent and well positioned. Then, once the brand is recognizable, you can choose less expensive locations, but pay attention to the most important criteria that you should see.