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The most popular poker variant on earth is judi online. This variant is what many people immediately think of when they hear the word poker. With Judi, each player receives two cards that remain closed and are therefore only visible to the player himself. In addition, a total of five cards are dealt face up during the poker game. Two players must bet the blind. This ‘blind bet’ is mandatory because otherwise it might take a long time before players start betting. Then each player can determine whether he or she goes along with the blind or does a raise.

When all players have made their moves, the flop follows

This is the turn of the first three cards on the table. Then a new betting round follows, followed by the turn. The turn is the turn of the fourth card. Another betting round precedes the river. This is the fifth and final card. Players may use both the five cards on the table and the two cards in their hand to make the highest possible combination of five cards. The player with the highest combination, or the player who is the only one left by bluffing, wins the game. Incidentally, there are so-called LO variants of almost all poker games. The player with the lowest combination wins the pot.

Omaha versions

Omaha poker games, such as Omaha Hold’em, work a little differently than Texas Hold’em. The big difference is mainly in the number of cards that each player receives. These are two in Texas Hold’em, but four in the Omaha versions. Of these four cards in hand, the player must use two and combine them with three of the five cards on the table. Because there are more cards in the game, but there are stricter rules that can be used, many people find the Omaha poker games a bit more complicated than, for example, Texas Hold’em.

5 & ​​7 card Stud versions

Various stud poker games are also popular with land-based and online casinos. 5 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud are good examples of this. Each player is dealt his own cards. With 7 Card Stud, there are of course seven. Of these seven cards, the player gets two in the hand and five are put on the table in front of the player. Of these five, one card was subsequently closed. As a player you know four of the seven cards of all other players.

You win the pot when you have a higher combination at the end than your opponents, or when they have all given up. What is special about 7 Card Stud is that there are no fewer than seven betting rounds and that players can make completely different combinations because all cards are individual. This makes it a lot harder to estimate what the other players might have.

Draw versions

Another particularly exciting variant of poker are the Draw poker versions. The uniqueness of these variations is that all players receive five cards that are all closed. Nobody knows even one card from his or her opponents. After the first betting round, all players may hand in cards for new cards. Suppose someone has two pairs, that person can hand in the fifth card to the dealer and a new fifth card is given to the player.