Social responsibility by the corporate can be achieved optimally if there is a collective effort.

As online and traditional gambling operators are becoming more aware of corporate and social responsibility, they integrate various systems. These systems will help players to identify the problem at the grassroots, fight addiction and come back triumphantly. For example, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) encourages operators like 918kiss download online casinos to interact with players, help them to identify a problem at an early stage, and redress it. There are three salient objectives of UKGC and the whole certificating system:

  • Keep the gambling environment crime fee.
  • Conduct gambling in a transparent and fair process.
  • Protect underage players and gamblers prone to addiction from potential hazards and exploitations.

Social responsibility by the corporate can be achieved optimally if there is a collective effort. The leading operators of the gambling industry must coordinate with relevant authorities to create a safe gambling environment, with all mutually approved measures applied. Leading gambling operates licensed and regulated by UKGC must formulae a policy with organizations such as GamStop and GambleAware to enlighten the public about the potential harm of excessive gambling. Unfortunately, adequate steps towards increasing public awareness and keeping gambling challenges under reign have not been enforced, despite technological advancement.

Definition of a child and young person according to the Gambling Act 2005

One of the major concerns is free to access juvenile gambling. According to the Gambling Act 2005, a child is who less than sixteen years is, and a young person is cited as any individual below the age of eighteen. The law further clarifies if any person or entities commit an offence if they allow, lure, cause any child or young person to wager.

The numbers of children as defined by the law as mentioned earlier have quadrupled in the subsequent two years, according to data published by UKGC. As per the research conducted by UKGC in Great Britain in 2018 November, the number of child gamblers stands around fifty thousand. It is also observed that children between eleven to sixteen years have spent their own money to gamble over the past twelve months. Over 6% of the surveyed children have used parent or guardian`s credit/ debit card to wager. 7% are classified as problem gamblers, 2%re prone and 32.5% are identified as non-problem gamblers.

Another key issue is over one million young people is already exposed to gambling through various video games or smartphone apps. The UKGC has noted the gravity of the situation and started taking the necessary steps. The first step is they have drafted a letter to the Advertising Standards Authority. Consequently, online gambling operates were ordered to remove all ads inscribed with characters appealing to children.