Parx Casino Offers Pennsylvania Sports Betting On iPhone And iPad

Horse racing is a popular pastime in both the United States and many other parts of the world. Some of the most famous races that you may have heard of were likely from tracks in the US such as the Kentucky Derby or the Belmont Stakes. However, there are a number of exciting and thrilling races held in Pennsylvania as well. They have a racetrack/casino known as the Parx Casino, and it offers races on a regular basis throughout the year. Gamblers can lay down their stakes on their favorite horses (or whichever horse they happen to feel is lucky that day) and see how it all turns out.

The Laws Are Changing

In just the last couple of years Pennsylvania sports betting has gotten a major boost as new laws in the state have made it legal for people within the borders of Pennsylvania to wager on sports (including horse racing) from their mobile devices. Parx Casino has taken advantage of these new rules regarding Pennsylvania sports betting to open up the possibility of wagering on the races that they hold on their tracks every day. They offer Pennsylvania sports betting on both iPhone and iPad devices. Any device that you can download their mobile app on is a potential platform to launch into some Pennsylvania sports betting.

Which Is Better iPhone Or iPad For Sports Wagering?

If you are considering getting involved in wagering on sports in Pennsylvania, you may have asked yourself which options are the best. Should you look at placing your bets via a mobile device on an iPad or and iPhone? This depends on exactly what kind of experience you are interested in getting out of your sports wagering.

The advantage of the iPhone is pretty obvious. It is a smaller device that allows you to be more mobile and portable when it comes to your wagering. It is not difficult to see the appeal of it because a lot of people like to wager while on the go. If you are a busy person, then you may want to have this ability at your side.

The iPad provides a different experience altogether. It provides a larger screen which means watching events such as horse racing is more thrilling. You can see the action as it happens, and you may get a little bit more out of watching your wager turn out as a winner.

What Should I Know About Security?

Pennsylvania sports betting is so new that a lot of people are worried about security when it comes to putting their hard-earned money up for a bet on sports. That is a legitimate worry to have, but you should rest assured that both the iPhone and iPad experience of betting with the Parx Casino app are incredibly safe. The casino has backed up what they say about security with an app that simply gets the job done. You may have had concerns in the past due to bad experiences with other casinos, but you need not fear what will happen when working with these apps. The casino wants to remain in good standing with the gambling commission that allows them to exist in the first place, and the best way for them to do this is to keep their app secure for the people who play on it.

Your choice to wager on sports on an iPhone or an iPad all comes down to a matter of preference. It is undoubtedly going to be easy to carry an iPhone around, but some people like the thrills and excitement that the iPad can provide to them. Either way, you are going to enjoy wagering on the horses.