Online Website for Playing Satta

The word “satte baazi” is often heard in old Bollywood movies. It indicates a sort of gambling or betting participated by the lower income group section of our country, in which a specific sum of money is assigned to each random number and then the game starts in the form of lottery. But now the world has changed. From banking to booking tickets, everything is done over the internet. The betting universe is also a part of it. Several online websites are launching new applications for playing the game letting the people earn money through online betting gaming.

What is the story behind Satta Matka?

When the New York cotton exchange was shifted to the Bombay cotton exchange, the Indian betting world decided to start putting money on the rise and fall of the cotton prices. But in 1961 this system was abolished and the practice was banned. Then this game was replaced by “Satta Matka” introduced the “ King of Satta Matka” Ratan Khatri. In this way, the game earned popularity and became the most popular mode of gambling in and around Mumbai.

Is there any authentic website for playing?

Is this world of fraud and hacking, it is very essential to consider only the genuine websites. DPBOSS has gained faith of the customers since the time it was developed. It is a globally acclaimed website giving the most accurate results. The player should be able to understand and analyse the matka charts of the day. The rise and fall of prices of Kalyan Matka weekly Jodi give the overview of the upcoming week’s gaming strategy. Though risk and probability are involved, in course of time, the player gets mature and able to figure out tactics to win the game.

What are the salient features of Satta Matka?

  • Matka:- The meaning of Matka is earthen pot. Within these pots, chits are randomly numbered and put inside the pots so that the lottery can start. One person is asked to draw some chits and those were declared as the winning numbers of the day.
  • Single:- Choosing one digit from 0 to 9. Then placing the bet in the form of a particular amount of money assigned to the digit and waiting for the results.
  • Jodi:- Choosing a pair of digits from 00,01,02,….to 99 and then bet on the desired pair. It is a Hindi word meaning “pair”.
  • Patti:- A set of three-digit number can be chosen for betting and the putting money on the desired numbers.
  • Opening and closing rates:- The Matka game occurs in two segments. The first result is called the Open Result and the last result is called Close Result. These prices are enlisted in the Matka charts attached to the duration of each game.

What mode of payment is supported by this website?

DPBOSS Matka supports only Paytm and bank transfer both for deposit and profit withdrawal. The main issue that the winning party faces are drawing the amount smoothly. Even if the money is won, other websites either don’t give the payout or they charge a commission for withdrawal. In many cases, notoriously the service provider complicates the transaction procedure. But DPBOSS Satta ensures smooth payment policy. It gives full justice to the consumer. The brokers underlying the bid of the numbers are enough efficient and ensures guarantee of security of user’s money. The maximum withdrawal limit in Paytm is Rs.15000 and Rs. 1 lakh in case of bank transfer. But bank transfer requires a service charge deduction of 3% from the acquired amount of money.