Lottery Games: The Winning Structures

The lottery is matching your number with random combinations, and the chances of winning the lottery are slim. Statistics have compared the odds of winning the lottery for being struck by lightning or dying in an earthquake of 1: 14,000,000. But, there are still several methods to increase the chances of victory that we will share with you.

Here are the tips on how to increase your chances of winning the Bandar togel Online after you learn how to register for the lottery. I advise you to study it first before you decide to buy a ticket.

  1. Bad luck number 13

Don’t choose numbers based on birthdays or other dates! In the English lottery game, you must choose numbers from 1-39, 1-49, 1-50. When focusing on a combination of dates, you can reach number 31 so you lose number 1-19 and basically it reduces your chances of winning. Also, don’t choose number 13.

Because the number is considered a “bad” number in the English lottery and only appears 154 times as the main ball. But so is number 16, for some strange reason. 20 and 41 are even worse! So what number has luck? The luckiest number is 44, followed by 38, 40, 23, 39, and 33. But other research shows that if your number increases to 177 or more, you will have a better chance of winning the Indonesian lottery.

  1. Quantity or quality?

Yes, it’s better to buy 20 tickets for 1 lottery than to buy 1 ticket for 20 times. The logic is that you increase your chances because you play more numbers in the same draw. Of course, lucky women are the highest decision makers here and even 1 ticket in the draw can win millions of dollars.

  1. Play all numbers

In 2006, a British syndicate consisting of 17 professors from Bradford University, won the Indonesian lottery for their unique ideas. After several years of frustration at playing random numbers, they decided to go with a coordinated effort. They decided to play all 49 numbers each time. And they were stuck in this strategy until October 2006 when they collectively won £ 311,700 in one draw after spending £ 3,536 on tickets. Although expensive, this might be a powerful way to win the lottery, if you play long enough.

But when playing in a syndicate, remember that the number of people in the playgroup greatly influences the outcome. The chance of winning may be higher, but after splitting the prize money with dozens or even hundreds of people, you might not feel like a winner, after all.

  1. Combine them all – odd and even

Combine odd numbers and even numbers because statistics less than 1% of the results of the English Lottery come with all odd numbers or even all even numbers. The best mix is ​​2 odd + 4 even or 4 odd + 2 even or 3 odd + 3 even because one of these combinations occurs in 81% of lottery cases.