Literary recommendations for learning how to gamble

For 20 years the contribution of technology has marked a before and after in the world of betting. With the appearance of the online casinos such as Casino Pilot the players have chosen to bet in these platforms instead of going to play in the casinos, since many offer apps to be downloaded in the mobile, what gives us the comfort of playing in any place and at any time, besides that these casinos offer to their players different bonuses to play.

We know that there are players who bet for fun and players who expect to generate profits so profitable that they can live off them, but in the end all players must have indispensable knowledge that will help them when choosing their best bet. That’s why we recommend you books that will help you nourish yourself with everything you need to know to succeed in betting.

Math and Gaming: Playing with Probability

Author: John Haigh

Through this book the author studies a diverse amount of common life situations where probabilities are present. As you go through the chapters of the book, different rules are shown in the face of unpredictable situations, so that the reader can diminish his or her most common mistakes and difficulties. At the end of each chapter Haigh proposes problems or hobbies of probabilities. Now that gambling is back in the limelight, it is a good time to put into practice what you have learned in this book.

Is there such a thing as luck? Deceived by Chance

Author: Nicholas Thaleb

This book has already been published in 14 languages, and the last edition has 80 more pages to address the latest developments in the world of finance. The author explains how we perceive and recognize luck and randomness in our daily lives and in business. In an ingenious way, the Lebanese writer turns to stories and anecdotes to explain how much we value causality and our capacity to invent that makes the world look much simpler than it really is.

Think fast, think slow.

Author: Daniel Kahneman

The author of this book is a psychologist who has won a Nobel Prize in Economics thanks to his ability to integrate psychological aspects into economic science, mainly regarding human judgment and how our brain makes decisions under uncertainty. He reveals a new reality about how our brain makes decisions. The writer explains that our brain has two ways of thinking, the first way is fast, intuitive and emotional. While the second is a slow, reflective, and rational way. The first way of thinking gives us automatic responses and the second way gives us more conscious responses. Kahneman manages to make the reader reflect on how we think, teaches us when we should trust our intuition and how we can take advantage of slow thinking

Other recommendations

Let yourself be advised by guides specialized in casinos

Nowadays we can find anything on the Internet, right? Well, when it comes to information about bookmakers and online casinos, too. There are many portals, like the one we mentioned, that specialize in analyzing and studying each casino platform, and help new players. Before starting to gamble, it’s worth getting some information and learning how this business works in a more professional way. No matter what country you are from, you will find guides in any language.

Analyze the opinions and ratings of the players

Whether in this type of specialized casino guides, or simply in social networks or opinion forums, you will find all kinds of experiences and ratings of casino players. This way you can get an idea of the characteristics of each one, and what their strongest points are. Although every opinion is subjective, and everything can depend on the perceptions or tastes of each one, it’s not a bad source of information. If there is a casino with thousands of positive opinions, it will mean that something good is being done, don’t you think? And if on the contrary, a casino gathers a lot of criticism from users, everything will indicate that there is something they are failing at.

Search by types of games and bets

Just because you are looking for the best online casino, it doesn’t mean that there is only one winner. The preferences of each one, will be definitive at the time of evaluating a casino. That’s why it’s necessary to know what kind of games we want to play, or the kind of bets we’re looking for. Once we have this point clear, we can look for options by type of games or bets, and thus we will see the platforms that better adapt to us. For example, if I am a tennis lover, and what I want is to make bets in that sport, I should look for which are the best casinos to bet on tennis. Simple, isn’t it?