Esports Biggest Betting Markets

Many of the biggest titles in esports have quickly risen to be amongst the most popular games to bet on, but the past year has also led to a number of smaller titles also finding their own place on the mantle as different betting opportunities open up. As esports continues to grow in popularity around the world and the demographic and primary audience continues to grow away from a younger niche to a more well-rounded audience, these different markets and opportunities will continue to grow too, the biggest operators like these at and always expanding their options – but which are some of the most popular options right now, and where can the best opportunities be found?

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Familiarity in sports markets – For newcomers to esports, it can be difficult to follow some of the more popular titles where many details can be lost if you’re not used to watching – fortunately, there have been many games like FIFA and NBA that have seen a rise recently are present familiarity through the typical sports betting options they have. If you’re just making the transition, this may be a great place to start – it offers everything you know and love from regular sporting events, but just in a virtual setting. With betting markets replicating those of offline events, you can get your start in esports betting without much difficulty in trying to figure out the niche and nuance of the bigger games.

The international betting market is important – One of the bigger and better features of esports is certainly within the regularly scheduled international competitions that bring teams together from all over the world – and this also offers a unique and growing betting market in itself as pitting two regions against each other offers great pay-outs and great betting options. It’s certainly worth checking out these bigger events and exploring the growing betting markets for international play, as not only do they offer great odds and opportunities and bigger pay-outs but may also help to introduce you to different regions of e sports and explore their own betting markets.

Not all markets are built equal – Whilst the first point in this list is to explore more familiar games, it’s also important to understand that right now not all esports betting markets are built equally – the biggest titles in Counter-Strike, DotA2, and LoL are certainly the most lucrative as the biggest games on the platform and so will always offer the best odds and pay-outs. Similarly, going for the smaller games may get you in the door early, but the betting markets themselves are also much smaller and may not provide similar opportunities, so it’s important to keep in mind.