Common FAQs about Online Betting

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Online casinos and online betting sites and sportsbook are a great alternative to in-person casinos. Especially during times when getting to one in person is not possible, or if you like to place a few bets as a way to unwind at the end of a busy day. But people who are new to the process often have questions about it so here are a few of the common ones and some answers.

When did it begin?

The first gambling software is from around the 1990s. The first country to grant licenses to online sites was actually one in the Caribbean called Antigua and Barbuda. At the same time software was strengthened to allow secure transactions online. In 1994 platforms established the first online casinos. From that a whole range of options can be found online, you even have great online horse racing sites.

What kind of betting can you do?

With online casinos the games you find there are the same as ones you find at a land based casino. So slot machines, roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack, bingo, keno are commonly found. Often an online site will also lead to other betting options apart from its casino section, you can find horse race betting and other sports betting and more.

Types of interfaces

There are two main types of interfaces that online sites use. One is downloading only, and the other is web-based. With the latter you do not have to download anything, everything is done online. With the former, you have to download and install software on your device.

How do the winnings online compare to in person places?

Just as with betting in person, you can lose or win or draw even when gambling online. It is still mostly a game of chance. But there are often marketing strategies used by online horse racing sites and casinos to entice people in and to keep them. These promotions, bonuses and such can make it more profitable to bet online.

Is it safe?

There is naturally a concern that the operators of such casinos will fix your chances of winning. There are some places online that have been proven to have done this, but the key to online betting sites and sportsbook is to find a reputable platform. Spend some time doing the research, look into recommendations, independent reviews and look for any worrying practices or news before you start using money with them. Also, check forums and portals as a lot of the gambling community has a lot of sites people should avoid that they keep up to date.


Online betting is a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite past time from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Platforms work hard to draw you to their site, most also focus on making it user friendly. Just look into them first and avoid ones that are not getting great reviews from others in the betting community.