Choose your Options About the smart Blackjacks

Do not use the Martingale betting system which requires a bet twice as big as you bet when you lose. Believe it or not, you can lose several hands in a row. You can survive using the Martingale rules, but you can lose everything you gained before and sometimes even more.

The right Stakes

Playing g├╝venilir blackjack siteleri at lower stakes doesn’t really mean you’re wasting less time. If you play 20 dollar at a 6: 5 table, you can be at a 2% disadvantage, meaning you can lose 40 dollar with one hand. At the ARIA Casino in Las Vegas you are only 0.26% disadvantage.

Don’t insure yourself

No matter how much you bet or how much you have in hand, insurance is a poorly made bet. Only 4 out of 13 possible cards will give the dealer an ace up his sleeve. That means a 30.8% chance of blackjack. If you are an advanced player this percentage can help you.

A dealer who shows 5 or 6 has a high chance of losing

Don’t hesitate to double your bet just because the dealer showed a 5 or 6. You may receive a small card or even take another hit. The dealer may return in force.

Never rely on Soft 17

This hand is not a sure success or can even push you against the dealer’s 17 hand if you sit still and don’t react. It’s always a win or a double. Things are more complicated. There are no guaranteed successful hands.

  • The dealer does not have the power to determine whether you will win or lose. Even if you are frustrated with how things are going, don’t be rude! Believe it or not, dealers really want you to win to tip or stop listening to players complaining about how much they lost.
  • Never mix everything you have from the beginning. You should always have enough money to double or throw yourself with the fabulous hand. There are many events when players who received two aces in their hand could not throw or when they returned two cards they lost.
  • Even if you are about to lose or win, this has nothing to do with the fact that you will continue to lose or win. There is no rule to confirm this, so do not assume wrong. Let the game follow its normal course and enjoy it in depth.

Never double 4.4

It is a successful move only if you face a 5 or 6 when it is a draw. For strange reasons, players do not double a 3.5 or 2.6 and suddenly double 4.4. Such a thing is never done, so stay away from it! It’s not worth the risk!