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Smartest Depending on the variant you have selected, the deck may contain 32 or 52 cards. The croupier or the virtual system is responsible for shuffling and distributing the cards one by one per player. On the table, the players have the option of increasing their bets or not. They show the combinations they have in hand at the time of slaughter. The winning and losing hands are then defined.

Poker combinations

In poker, there are 10 possible combinations of hands. The cards are ranked from strongest to weakest in the following order:  (10) 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. Our table shows the poker card combinations from strongest to weakest:

Possible bets

In traditional poker as in online poker, the stakes are very important. There are three different ways to bet which are:

  • No Limit
  • Limit
  • Pot Limit

In No Limit, there is no wagering limit. When you have the authorization to bet on a table, you can bet all your chips.

In Limit, the anadolu casino bets are framed according to the big bet (the big bet) or the small bet (the small bet). Here, the number of reminders is generally set at three. However, you can find games where there is no set betting limit.

The port Limit

In Pot Limit, the bets are defined according to the size of the pot. Players can make bets or raises, but this must be done according to the amount already committed.

Bets are made strategically. During a game, players can perform four actions. They can check, bet, fold or raise. We talk about checking when the player remains in the hand, without investing chips. The player following the one who checked can also check; he can decide to bet.

The player around a table can bet if no one has bet before him. The other players then have the option to call, fold or raise. The player throws his hand folds. He therefore gives up all chances of winning the pot.

When you supply enough chips to tie the bet made by the opponent, you are said to have called the bet. When you put more money in the pot and force the player who bet to add more chips to call, you made a raise.

The different variants of online poker

Since its creation, poker has evolved. Over the years of its evolution, many variants were born. We make you discover them.

Cash Games Heads-Up Poker

In online poker, Texas Hold’em is the best known and most played game variant. Around a table, there can be between 2 and 10 players. At the start of the game, the dealer deals two cards face down to each player. You take note of your cards and a betting round is organized. Then there is the flop; the croupier or the virtual dealer brings out three cards in the middle of the table facing up.