Best Details for Safeguarding the Website

There are a number of matters that you will have to think when you will be dealing with a safe site.Phishing, ransomware, customer service scams, viruses, malware,the dangers of browsing the Internet are many, and sometimes hide under the most common acts that you do everyday on the web. In you can surely find the tests.

To avoid this type of worry, and protect yourself on the Internet at best, here are reflexes to acquire in your daily personal as professional.

Do not forget your phones and tablets

Avoid going to questionable or illegal sites

The advice may seem basic, but it is ultimately important: if a website seems questionable, or offers illegal services, do not go there.

Some websites that may expose you to security issues include:

Pirate download sites

  • Online video sites (streaming) or video-on-demand (VOD) pirates
  • Pirate porn sites
  • These are real virus nests, to avoid at all costs.

Also, avoid downloading and using pirated or “cracked” software. While this may be attractive, especially because it avoids the purchase of the software, be aware that not only is it illegal, but they are usually infected with viruses.

More specifically for companies:

Explain to your employees what responsible use of the Internet at work is. Make them aware, for example, that they can be prosecuted judicially if they commit wrongdoing (illegal downloads, infringement of copyrights, publication of insulting remarks on behalf of the company or about it).

Make his security updates as soon as possible

  • Did you know? An operating system, browser, or software that is not up-to-date with its security patches is a very vulnerable system to Internet attacks. Hackers easily take advantage of these security breaches.
  • Also, as soon as a system offers you an update, do it as soon as possible.
  • To protect yourself on the Internet, the essential good practice is to choose secure passwords.

Indicate legal notices

Indeed, it is better to make sure to respect all legal requirements . For example, as an entrepreneur, you are obliged to publish the legal notices on your website, which must include at least:

  • The name of the company
  • The mailing address
  • The email address

You can also stipulate the name of the representative of the company and the registration number in the companies register.

Update your CMS and your browser

If you use a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla for the creation of your website, it is in your interest to make the necessary updates. Indeed, any program or interface that is not up to date is likely to expose flaws facilitating attacks.

In addition, your browser must always be up to date because it can become a target for attacks. All you need to do is download the updates regularly.

Pay attention to emails

We advise you never to open mails with a link or a suspicious attachment or having an unknown sender name. Suspicious content may contain a virus that will be transmitted to your computer, giving hackers access to your personal data and thus the administration of your site.

The use of the best option is there now. This is the best options for having safe site for your choice now.