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In April 2016 the SBOBET agent became an official gambling partner in another League in Ireland which was devised by the St Patrick’s Athletic group. SBOBET also sponsored a first Asian Soccerex forum held in Singapore. Not only does แทงบอล provide a number of sponsors that we have informed, there are also many soccer teams in various world matches that have been sponsored by SBOBET. Nearly the average of all footballers in various matches has been sponsored by SBOBET.

The award was obtained by SBOBET agents

More and more hard work from SBOBET which resulted in success in making SBOBET also received more and more obstacles from various parties which made the agent to decline. There was a news case wherein said that SBOBET was cheating on an FA Cup match, in that news SBOBET was accused of allegedly arranging matches that had taken place in an FA Cup match. 

Exactly in October 2008 SBOBET was asked to submit all the evidence relating to the news which said that they (SBOBET) had arranged a championship match from The Football Association (FA) against Norwich City with Derby Country which was finally won by the Derby Country team with the acquisition 2-1 score results. SBOBET strongly rejects the request that has been requested by the FA and considers that it has overdone with the news that is spread and violates the privacy of SBOBET itself. In the end the FA did not find the slightest evidence that SBOBET had set the course of the match that had taken place, finally the name SBOBET was cleared of unclear accusations.

The Finer Methods

Again hit by another slanted and unclear news by a news agency in 2009 in September, there were 2 news companies that reported unexpected things for SBOBET. The 2 news companies are from Bulgaria Novinite and Chasa Daily by publishing an article saying that SBOBET is responsible for the soccer match held between CSKA Sofia and Levski, the news is ordering SBOBET to be responsible for improving the match between the two competing teams. 

Last Words

Shortly thereafter the two media companies revised the article by saying that SBOBET had not been involved in any of the matches that had been held, in fraudulent news or had arranged matches between the two soccer teams and finally both news companies expressed their apologies to the parties SBOBET because it has published news information that has made their imaging decline.