Blackjack Oyna With the Smartest Winning Processes

Before speaking with precision about the blackjack oyna strategy and evoking the famous strategy table that every blackjack oyna player must memorize, let us recall the basic philosophy of any blackjack oyna player: stick to the initial plan and keep in mind your objective of departure. This is the only way to reach the goal we have set for ourselves.

The Aspect of Simplicity

It may seem simple when you read this advice in an article, but when the game begins, it is not uncommon to see emotions take over and all the beautiful plans established with conviction simply fly away.

So always come back to this key phrase: stick to the plan and control your emotions. This is essential and will save you from situations that may seem critical at first. Be aware that we can only advise you to watch video advice, it is always clearer. So to optimize your blackjack oyna winnings, watch the blackjack oyna strategy.

The strategy table

We can now introduce the blackjack oyna strategy table. If you want to become a real blackjack oynaplayer, you must first get this table and learn it by heart.

  • Indeed, this table summarizes the right decisions to make according to the real statistics of the game of blackjack oyna. So it tells you, no matter which hands you and the dealer have, if you need to “double”, “shoot”, “pass”, “share”, etc.
  • It is a very simple double entry 21 oyna Vertically, these are your hands, horizontally, these are the dealer’s cards and at the intersection of the two, what to do. It is very simple.

But, the trap of this table is to sometimes want to deviate from it, to succumb, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, to temptation or to be carried away by the whirlwind of the game. Remember: stick with it to the plan.

The Last Tip

One last tip should be given before you let yourself learn the lines of your strategy chart. In fact, more than a board of play, it is a recommendation of good manners at the table of play. By respect for the other players and for the croupier, do not be too long to take your decisions. Even if you read your table next to the computer near you, always be polite and do not stretch the playing times too much. Good Blackjack oyna.


If it were necessary to give a list of casino games, blackjack oyna would most certainly come in second position, just after Poker, which of course remains unbeatable. The popularity of online blackjack oyna in France has been around for a long time and its success is undeniable both in real and virtual casinos. Is it because this game gives the opportunity to challenge the bank? Perhaps. But, let’s take a look now at the basic rules of the game and the course of a game.