5 Reasons Why Rummy is the most preferred Online Game & Pass Time


If I would have asked you about one game that stays with you all through your life, what’s it’s going to be? Probably the most epic way to determine is to snap the old Skul Scrapbook and just search out what you used to play as a child.

After all the grilling and stream of work pressure, is there anything that makes sense now? Something where I’m being valued for my skills? Something that doesn’t need an hour of TedX to get inspired, well here’s what I think worked for me, and can work for you too. 

  1. The Online World of Games & More

Every time I tuned into Netflix or an imaginary narrative by Mrs. Rand; I thought of putting my time into something that’s pretty productive. So here’s how I figured out my savior.

I loved gaming, but out of all online games, playing online rummy was the most gratifying. I started as a newbie and was a bit confident as I had played it in my childhood. I still remember how it went initially, but as I kept this regular, I become more used to it. The flow becomes more predictable and I could sense the Money. 

2.You Get What You Deserve 

Unlike other online games, where things are often left to luck, chance, or are unpredictable, rummy is a game of skills. Let’s put this simply, if you have it, you got it! No B.S.

  1. Spend Some Time To Sharpen Your Skill 

Let’s be honest, most of us have plans for tomorrow, the perfect day is always the next! Being good with numbers could be the right approach to implement in rummy, you don’t have to be super smart to pull this off. 

Just brush up your higher secondary mathematics skill, be good with numbers, maybe exercise some permutation and combination and the most important part, just bluff, and deceive your peers so you could have the card they are first dealt with. 

Make sure you figure out the right equilibrium between patience and delaying, bang your card when it’s least expected and seize the game on the go. 

  1. Turn Off the Digital Noise By Tuning Into Numbers 

We all live in a highly complex and complicated ecosphere. Since the arrival of social media, our sense of righteousness has been ripped by socio fabric that once was our warmest quilt. 

All those jazzed up pictures of folks captioning the meaning of life has made us feel sad about ours, well now there’s a sure way to do things that matter the most. 

Just turn off the social media and tune into the finest card game ever, make your strategy, not a rigid one, but a lot more flexible. Once you start playing online rummy games, you don’t feel the urge to hook onto social media.

  1. The Game Teaches You To Hold Your Nerve at Critical Times

Should I drop it or should I keep it, what if it’s the right moment to hit the digital shooting blanket; there are tons of decisions that we ought to take care of each day every day. Playing Rummy can help you understand yourself better, it’s a way to hone your decision-making skills and see how they work not just in the game of rummy but otherwise too. 

Think about it maybe Rummy is a game for life or maybe life is a game of rummy. 

To Wrap Up

You may need a thousand reasons not to play rummy because of 9 to 5 job, or spending time with family or watching the farewell season of Friends but, all those can be easily wiped off against the one that matters you the most. 

Maybe it’s boredom or love for cards, we’ve found ours, what’s yours!   


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