Poker hands that you should never risk your money with

When something in life seems too good to be true, it usually is. And, this logic rings true when it comes to playing poker. There are quite a few poker hands that suck you into playing more and betting your money. But, before you know it, you end up losing all that money and your enjoyment of playing the round is ruined.

Winning in poker is all about making the right decision at the right time. Sometimes, it is just playing the wrong hands that let you down. So, read on to know more about the poker hands that you should never risk your money with.


Pocket aces are the ultimate hole cards, or at least that is the impression they give you. Playing poker with this card is not a good idea because even though it has a huge value early on, but that drops soon enough as anything can happen on the flop. One might get three-of-a-kind, two pairs, or set up a flush or straight draw, so that they get to complete on the river.

Players usually work using ‘implied odds’ in pot-limit or no-limit games. They have to call pre-flop, and keep working to draw before raising or make a better hand. Therefore, you need to play strong during early doors if you are planning to play aces. This way, your opponent will be denied the implied odds. You will also get an inkling of what any of the other callers have made on that flop.


Don’t let these hooks reel you into losing money. In fact, this one is known as one of the most difficult hands to play. In case you raise with them and get called, the flop is definitely going to have at least a single higher card. Playing poker becomes challenging with the hooks because even without the higher cards, the risk of queens, kings, or aces is always there.

When someone re-raises you, the chances are that they have a bigger pair such as A-Q or A-K. So, this makes you either a huge underdog or a small favorite. You would not want this uncertainty of position in poker.


Playing poker with this hand can be dangerous unless you play these early on in the cash games or big-bet tournaments where the money is pretty deep. However, pay heed to just one bit of professional advice after getting to the flop: no set and no bet.

A-x off-suit

A weak ace is just as good as its name implies, even though some players think that it’s worth getting excited about this hand. This is actually one of the most dangerous hands in Texas Holdem. So, you will taking the quite the risk unless you are a seasoned expert.

Keep in mind that no hand at all is mostly better than a hand with a hole in it. After all, you will not lose any money with no hands.

Q-J off-suit

Face cards are pretty deceptive in the way that they look appealing, but end up getting you into problem. Though they are high cards, losing to ace pre-flops is common for them. And, when the kicker of the ace duplicates any one of them while playing all-in, you can end up in a tight spot.

These are defensive hands that are playable if suited or in late position in case you’re acting in a hurry. But, don’t be under the impression that you will make a profit with this hand.

9-8 suited

When played cheaply and carefully, suited connectors can be really useful hands. After all, no one will think of a straight being played on the flop of 6-7-10, or even a monster flush draw on one of the A-6-5. But, there is also a slim chance of having you in a complete lock against a higher flush or straight and making sure you lose all the chips.

With straight draws, always try to remember the other hands that you might be running into. For instance, a flop of Q-J-10 with 9-8 looks amazing, but then, someone comes up with A-K. So, think ahead to win.