Choose Your Perfect Deals for the Perfect Choices in Betting

You should feel a bit of suspense and a feeling of adrenaline when you bet on a sports match and are watching it on TV or in a stadium. Know that with a live bet, all his emotions will be increased tenfold. Indeed, you will be able to follow a sports meeting and place your bets at the same time. What is this for? To benefit from even more attractive odds. To not miss any live bet, we explain in detail the characteristics of a bet that is also called in English, “Live Bet”. You can visit for the best deals.

There is nothing simpler than understanding what a live bet is. Indeed, as the name suggests, this type of bet allows players to be able to place their money on a certain dimension throughout a sports meeting. Thus, bets will be open from the first minute to the last and the bookmakers will offer you a very interesting choice of game facts on which you can place a bet:

  • The exact score (possibility of guessing the score at any time during the game),
  • The next goalscorer in the game,
  • The team that will win at half-time,
  • The difference in points at a time of the match you choose, etc.

The goal of a “live” bet is clearly to benefit from attractive odds which will evolve according to the result or the physiognomy of the match. Indeed, a rating can increase or decrease throughout a match depending on many criteria such as: a changing score, a suspension, an injury, a context, etc. Even if this type of bet requires some experience and a great knowledge of the sport, there are many tipsters who use live betting.

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How does a live bet work?

If live betting remains a rather vague concept for you, we are going to explain to you concretely how your live bet takes place during a sports meeting. Take the example of a football match in Jupiler Pro League:

  • The odds for the victory before the match: Anderlecht (1.5) against Standard de Liège (2.5).
  • After fifteen minutes, Standard scores a goal and therefore wins 1-0. The odds at the time of the match for the victory are reversed: Anderlecht (2.5) and Standard de Liège (1.5).
  • If at the fifteenth minute, you place a bet of 100 € on Anderlecht’s victory and the team wins at the end of the match, then you will win: 2.5 x 100 = 250 €.

Our advice for winning a “live bet”

As you may have noticed in the previous example, live betting gives you much more attractive odds. However, you must be very attentive to the physiognomy of the meeting, because by starting for example with a goal difference, your chances of winning diminish.